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A Speakeasy-Inspired Cocktail Lounge


When you see the red light on above the door at 67B Main Street, you will immediately know you're about to experience the kind of unique establishment that can only be found in Bisbee. Just a short flight of steps from street level you'll find a red door where a secret knock – although not required – is rumored to inspire the ghosts from speakeasies of yesteryear to cast a spell of fun and fortune. Upon entering, a cosmic energy inundates the senses and your path to an exquisite cocktail begins. Travel through the green room and the velvet-draped entry into a spacious lounge with three distinct entertainment areas. Celebrating the end of prohibition, you'll first want to go straight to the copper topped bar. Once drink is in hand, you'll have a delightful variety of choices: hang out at the bar with friends old and new, enjoy amazing live entertainment, or relax in the "chill" room where you can watch burlesque and more on the big screen.

Our intention at the Bisbee Social Club is to give you a singular experience, a perfect cocktail, and one more reason to visit our magical little southern Arizona town again soon. Cheers!

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